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Lenovo HE05 Neckband Bluetooth Headset,Black
Lenovo HE05 Neckband Bluetooth Headset,White
Lenovo HE06 Half In-Ear Neckband Bluetooth Headset,Black
Lenovo HE08 Dual Dynamic Neckband Bluetooth Headset,Black
Lenovo HD800 Bluetooth Headphones,Red
Lenovo HU75 Game Headphone, Black
Lenovo HF130 Metal Headset,Black
Lenovo HF130 Metal Headset,White
Lenovo HF130 Metal Headset,Red
Lenovo HF140 Half In-Ear Headset,Black
Lenovo HF140 Half In-Ear Headset,White
Lenovo HF140 Half In-Ear Headset,Red
Lenovo QT83True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,Black
Lenovo QT83True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,White
Lenovo TWS Headset HT28,White
Lenovo TWS Headset HT28,Black
Lenovo M120 Pro Cable Mouse,Black
Lenovo Keyboard K5819 US 104 Keys,Black
Lenovo Keyboard K5819 US 104 Keys,White
Lenovo KM102 Keyboard+Mouse,Black
Lenovo Car Style Air-Cleaning Disinfector 0.4L(incl. Car Charger) - FC101
Lenovo Air-Cleaning Disinfector 1L - FC202
Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Tablet(30PCS)
Lenovo LX0806G USB-C Hub,Dark Grey
Lenovo LX0807 USB-C Hub,White
Lenovo LX0807 USB-C Hub,Black
Lenovo A601 USB Hub,Black
Lenovo A601 USB Hub,White
Lenovo HDMI M/M 1.5m,Black
Lenovo HDMI M/M 3m,Black
Lenovo E1-L(D450) Robot Vacuum Cleaner Inertial Navigation (Europe) BLACK
Lenovo T1s(L-VCL0L1) Robot Vacuum Cleaner Laser Navigation (Europe) WHITE
Lenovo T1s Pro(L-VCL0L1) Robot Vacuum Cleaner ONE Package (Laser Navigation+Dustbin Dock) Europe WHITE


2. Upon checkout discount is automatic, complete the information needed for shipping.

3. Complete your payment.

Promo Duration: June 5-30, 2022 (5AM-7AM l 11AM-1PM l 9PM-11PM)

*Terms and condition apply 

** This promo is not valid in conjunction with other promos. 

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