BillEase 6th Birthday Promo! 0% Interest 3 months installment

Billease will offer up to 3 months 0% installment to all BillEase users as part of its 6th Birthday Blowout Promo Campaign to all BillEase merchants. One time loan processing fee of 3% applies. 
Promo details and FAQs: 
Campaign Name: BillEase 6th Birthday Blowout Promo 
Promo Period: September 26-30, 2023, Extension Period: October 1-3, 2023
Eligibility: All BillEase users with activated and approved account 
Sign up link: No sign up link is needed to avail the promo 
Interest rate & loan term: 0% interest for loan payable up to 3 months 
Maximum Transaction Amount: P40,000 
Promo Code: Non-case sensitive promo code: billease6
Requirement: at least 1/3 upfront payment or at least 33% down payment. One time loan processing fee of 3% applies.
Customer FAQs: 
How do I know if I'm eligible?
- Customers with an activated and approved BillEase account, new or existing, are eligible for 3 months of interest-free and cardless installments on their BillEase transaction. 
Is there a down payment? 
- Yes. At least 1/3 upfront payment or at least 34$ of the total purchase amount is required as a down payment. 
Where can I use this?
- Promo is valid in all BillEase partner merchants for online & in-store (QR) shopping 
Is there a promo code? 
- Customers must use the non-case-sensitive promo code billease6 to avail the promo. 
Is there a maximum amount? 
- The promo is offered to ALL BillEase users with a minimum purchase of P500 and a maximum purchase amount of up to P40,000. 
What are the requirements to sign up?
- For first time customers, simply download the BillEase app. Complete the necessary application and upload the requirements including 1 valid ID, 2 character references, latest proof of income, and billing. Once the client has completed the sign-up process and successfully passed the KYC process, client can already proceed to checkout via BillEase
I completed the sign-up process, how will I know if I qualified? 
- Upon registration, you will be asked to provide an email and mobile number. Monitor your communication lines for the result of your application.
I'm not a new customer, do I qualify for this? 
- Yes, the BillEase Birthday Blowout is valid to ALL BillEase users, new and existing,
Is this exclusive to online stores?
- No. The promo is valid for online & in-store (QR) shopping.
I have a concern, how can I contact you? 
- There are several ways to contact BillEase customer service to help resolve any issues you are having. 
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