Payment Options Available

Q: What are the accepted payment methods?

A:  You can pay via COD, Credit/Debit thru our secure payment gateway.  We also accept INSTALLMENTS for Metrobank Credit Card & Security Bank Credit Card holders thru 2C2P.  As well as for select BDO Card Holders thru BDO Checkout Link!  AUB, Security Bank and Landbank Credit Card Installments are also welcome thru the PAYMONGO link.

Installment and other Pay Later options are available thru Atome, Billease, Unacash/Unapay, Tendopay are also available. 

We also accept E-wallet payments from GCash, Maya (formerly Paymaya), GrabPay, WeChat Pay & ShopeePay.

Bank Deposit and Bank Transfers are also accepted.  Online Banking Direct Debit is also available thru 2C2P or Paymongo.

  • COD is available
  • Online Banking Direct Debit – BPI Online (thru 2C2P or Paymongo) & Unionbank Online (thru Paymongo)
  • For Credit/Debit Card Payments – choose Payment using Credit/Debit Cards via our secure payment gateway 2C2P, Paymongo, Maya (formerly Paymaya)
  • For Credit Card Installments – Metrobank & Security Bank Credit Cards thru 2C2P, BDO thru BDO Checkout Link.  AUB, Security Bank and LandBank Credit Cards thru Paymongo.
  • For Installments with Atome, TendoPay, UnaCash/UnaPay, Billease  - kindly make sure you have registered an Account on their site/app. Once you get the approval for the installment, Atome, Tendopay, UnaCash/UnaPay, Billease will alert us and we will prepare your item/s for shipping
  • For E-wallets – GCash, Paymaya, GrabPay, WeChat Pay, ShopeePay
  • For bank transfers & Bank Deposits, kindly send a screenshot of your bank transfer transaction thru email following the format:
    • Email Address –
    • Subject - Bank Transfer – Customer Name – Order Number
    • Attach screenshot of your bank transfer transaction


Q: Do you offer pay-later and installment plans for those with no credit cards?

A:  Yes!  We are now partnered up with Atome, TendoPay, UnaCash/UnaPay, and Billease for Installment transactions or pay-later transactions.


Q: Can I use my Credit Card for Installment?

A:  Yes!  We are happy to announce that we accept Metrobank Credit Card & Security Bank Credit Cards for Installment Payments via our super secure 2C2P Payment Gateway!  BDO Credit Card Installment is also available via BDO Checkout Link (please message us @warehousedad for more details and to get the Link).  AUB, Security Bank and Landbank Credit Card Installments are also available thru Paymongo.


Q: I want to pay using my Online Bank, is this available?

A:   Yes!  BPI and UnionBank Account holders can now pay via Online Banking.  Just choose 2C2P upon checkout for BPI Account holders.  UnionBank and BPI is also available thru Paymongo upon checkout.


 Q. I want to transact and order via COD Payment Method. Do I expect my order to be processed asap?

A: Yes we accept COD Payment transactions for nationwide BUT please note our sales associate will get in touch with you via SMS or Viber or Email or Call to get a CONFIRMATION of your order.  Our team will attempt 3x to get your confirmation.  A non-confirmation on the 3rd reach-out attempt, the system will automatically cancel your order.

 For more info, please read our FAQs.  Click HERE.