Lenovo T1s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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1. LDS laser navigation and SLAM mapping TECH, systematic cleaning pattern. 

2. Wi-Fi connected, Google home and Alexa compatible optional.

3. App: Three cleaning modes: Full area clean, Room clean and user-defined area clean. Set restricted zone, 7 DAYS scheduling function. 

4. Sweep and mop 2 in 1, double cleaning, sweep first and then mop the floor

5. Nidec brushless fan motor with 2700pa vacuum degree in the MAX mode

6. Automatic recharge, continue to clean the house, will not get lost

7. 5200mAh large capacity Li-ion battery ensures 2.5 hours cleaning 

8. Smart sensors

9. HEPA & Primary filter

10. Up to 2cm climbing ability, easy to handle carpet floors.


Box Dimensions:

43cmx 16cm x 49cm

What's In the Box:

1 x robot vacuum, 1 charging base, 1 x adapter, 1 x water tank, 1 x mop, 10 x disposable mop, 1 x dustbox, 1 x filter, 1 x cleaning brush