Keychron C2 Pro QMK Mechanical Keyboard (Full Size Layout, Wired, RGB, Gateron, Hot-Swap)

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Keychron C2 Pro QMK Mechanical Keyboard (Full Size Layout, Wired, RGB, Gateron, Hot-Swap)

Keychron C2 Pro

The C2 Pro is a wired mechanical keyboard with a full size (100%) layout and many premium features like QMK/VIA support, PBT keycaps, a 1000 Hz polling rate, etc., which provides endless possibilities and a comfortable typing experience!

Program C2 Pro with QMK & VIA

With full QMK and VIA support, you can easily program and remap each key on the keyboard. The open-source firmware means endless possibilities for keyboard layouts, shortcuts, backlight effects, and more. 

An Epic Core Inside The Keyboard

A powerful ultra-low-power ARM architecture MCU equipped with 128K Flash will provide more flexibility for developers. The polling rate is 1000 Hz right out of the box, which makes the latency hardly noticeable even in competitive games.

OEM Profile Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

Engineered with double-shot keycap set on White and RGB Backlight versions, the PBT keycaps will provide excellent oil resistance, enhance the type feel, and prevent the legends from fading out.

Suitable For All Devices

The C2 Pro has a system toggle and additional customized keycaps for Windows and macOS systems. And you can even configure different keymaps for Mac and Windows devices, while VIA software is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.

*Num Lock works with Windows OS only.10


The hot-swappable sockets are mounted on the PCB, so you can install or change the switches without soldering (for hot-swappable version only). The PCB supports both 3-pin and 5-pin MX mechanical switches.

South-Facing RGB LED Lights

The south-facing RGB LED designs to better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the typist’s angle with the premium non-shine-through PBT keycaps installed. The backlight is also free from interference when the users install Cherry-profile alternative keycaps on the keyboard. Also, it comes with 22+ types of RGB light in different styles (flashing, breathing, static red, etc.) to match your mood.

Pre-lubed Keychron K Pro Switch

By optimizing the switch mold, the K Pro switch wobbles less than a standard mechanical switch and feels smoother on each hit. Plus, the factory pre-lubed process on all the K Pro switches (exclude the clicky ones), no doubt this will ensure the best smoothness at your fingertips when typing.


Number of Keys: 104 keys

Keycaps: OEM profile double-shot PBT keycaps, not shine-through

Switches: Keychron K Pro 

Backlight: South-facing RGB LED

Switch Support: Hot-swappable (5 pin & 3 pin)

Stabs: Plate-mounted stabs

Connectivity: Type-C

Cable: Type-C cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter

Body Material: ABS Plastic

Physical Dimension:

Dimension: 433.5 mm x 129.3 mm

Weight: About 874 ± 10 g

What’s in the Box:

1 x Fully Assembled Keyboard

1 x PCB

1 set x Keycaps (Double-Shot PBT)

1 set x Switches

1 x Type-A to Type-C Cable

1 x Type-A to Type-C Adaptor

1 x Keycap Puller

1 x Switch Puller (For Hot-swappable version only)

1 x User Manual


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