Vertux Streamer-3 High Intensity Anti-Vibration Gaming Microphone

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Looking to make your live streams perfect? Then look no further as Streamer-3 is your complete recording and streaming microphone. The USB plug-n-play microphone minimizes distortion and generates the best sound. The mic cuts out low-frequency noises like footsteps to pick the best and clear audio for recording. Streamer-3 boasts a stylish LED lights featuring design with a sturdy metal frame to hold the microphone. With one-touch controls for microphone and LED light, the microphone is highly convenient for every type of streamer. Streamer-3 also features an audio input jack so that you can directly connect the headset to it. The microphone’s tilt angle can easily be adjusted to get the best and comfortable recording or streaming experience.


Improve Your Atmosphere of Gaming:
7 colours LED atmosphere light brings you a more cool experience, also you could turn off it on your needs. Its flexible neck can be bent in any position so that you can comfortably settle down for a chat, and with a 150cm cable, you can set up it in any corner of your desk. Vertux Streamer-3 comes with a 3.5mm audio jack output, you could plug your headphone directly to increase the speed of voice reaching your ears. That’s what makes it so super smooth to operate.

Stylish Professional Design:
The flexible neck paired with a durable metal arm allows you to position the mic for the best streaming experience. You can flexibly adjust its height and angle according to your need or actual situation, very convenient to use

High-Quality Sound - Omnidirectional Technology:
Vertux Streamer-3 USB microphone records sound from all directions by the omnidirectional polar pattern to make your sound clearer.

HD Audio Quality:
This microphone embeds a filter to only record your voice. The Vertux Streamer-3 makes no compromise and offers you stunning sound quality. It has a stable and durable base, so you won't need a bulky mic stand.

Perfect Design to Record and Chat:
A few convenient little design details make recording or voice chatting a breeze. Record your podcast or host an online meeting, YouTube or voice chats whilst gaming. If you find that your hands do a lot of the talking, the non-slip base will ensure utmost stability and you can use the easily-accessible mute button if you need to discuss something in private or adjust microphone gain to your satisfied state

3.5mm Headphone Jack Output:
Recording USB microphone comes equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack provides latency-free monitoring for real-time playback. Particularly good for recording and podcasting.

Colourful RGB Breathing Lights:
At the bottom of the microphone, we have a colourful RGB light to add a gaming atmosphere. It changes colour automatically when using. Built-in different lighting gives you a great cool and colourful visual effect(especially in dark), the light can be turned on/off by the switch at the bottom.

One-Touch Control:
Unique Colorful LED light gives you a great visual effect, one Key mute/unmute your microphone, you can easily turn it on/off at any time.

Elegant Design, Built to Last:
The microphone is constructed of sturdy and durable metal material and the base is fitted with an anti-slip mat which keeps it stable on desktop during use. It is small, convenient and does not require much space when in use. Connected with a 1.5m

No Interference or Breaks:
Capture your voice seamlessly with a continuous and reliable connection using a dependable USB connection that prevents any interruptions during your conferences, podcasts, streams or recording sessions.

High Compatible and Plug & Play:
No drivers to install. Simply plug the microphone into any available USB port, select and default it as your input device in software settings. Perfect compatible with Windows (7, 8, 10, 2000 and XP), Mac OS, PS4, Desktop, Laptop, and All-in-one PC



  • Connector: USB
  • Sensitivity: 23db±4dB
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-10KHz
  • Impedance: 2.2KΩ
  • Cable Length: 150cm

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