Vertux Shasta Ambient Noise Isolation Over-Ear Gaming Headset

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Game like never before with the ultra-comfortable, immersive audio gaming headset, Shasta. The headset features powerful 40mm speaker drivers that create an unparalleled sound experience needed for gaming. With high-grade mic, you get to converse in the best possible way with your friends. The on-ear volume controller offers the much-needed command to the users. The ergonomically designed headset lets you enjoy long gaming sessions without any fuss.


All Rounder Gaming Headset:
The value proposition in a sturdy, high-quality gaming headset, the Vertux Shasta delivers the bass-heavy sound for an immersive experience and the crisp, clear audio needed for team communication during intensive play. Closed-back for noise isolation, enjoy your game to the fullest with the Vertux Shasta.

Game-Changing Sound Clarity:
Experience your favourite games in a new highly dynamic sound depth which uses advanced directional stereo immersion. Hear every detail that matters and find your enemies before they find you with powerful bass delivery and enhanced sound clarity in mids and highs.

Ergonomic and Stylish Design:
Designed and extensively tested for durability, clever design allows adjustments to different head sizes and shapes. The padded ear pads not only provide passive noise attenuation but wear comfort.

Drivers Optimized for Performance:
Finely tuned and optimized for sound depth and clarity, the powerful 40mm drivers deliver great dynamic range and give you a well-balanced sound output with a wide stereo field that lets you hear everything distinctively with a clear tone and frequency separation.

Fully Immersive Surround Stereo Isolation:
High-grade leather earpads are used to create a tight isolation seal that leaves you fully immersed without outside leaks making its way into your game. This effective noise isolation gives you uninterrupted gaming sessions with uninterrupted clarity.

Intuitive Volume Control:
An integrated volume wheel on the ear cup of the headset allows for quick adjustments while gaming. There is no need to switch out of your game to adjust the loudness of your game audio.

Steel Reinforced Headband:
Shasta was built to last with support for all head sizes with a steel headband that reinforces the entire structure of the headphones and keeps it both flexible and durable. The headphones also curve to provide adaptability to different head shapes comfortably.

Long-Lasting Braided Cable:
Free from interference and wear, the premium AUX cable was constructed with highly durable material and reinforced with soft fabric braiding. Giving you a long-lasting, comfortable cable built for reliable connectivity and durability.

High-Grade Noise Isolation Microphone:
The retractable microphone delivers exceptional voice clarity with smart noise isolation that keeps out all unnecessary noises. Even in noisy environments, the high-resolution microphone will adjust to your surroundings and adapt effortlessly.

Superior Ergonomic Cushioned Support:
Go for long hours of entertainment without fatigue or irritation when using Shasta, as it offers cushioned comfort on both the earmuffs and headband that were tested extensively to ensure optimal wearing comfort with different size adjustments available.

Fully Compatible with All Platforms:
Gain a competitive advantage on any device with superior hearing and easy volume controls when using Shasta. The gaming headset supports all gaming platforms, including Xbox, PC, PS4, and smartphones using the universal 3.5mm audio jack.


• Driver unit diameter: Ф40 mm
• Sensitivity: 105 dB± 3 %
• Frequency: 20-20k Hz
• Impedance: 32 Ω ± 15 %
• MIC Sensitivity: -38±3dB
• Input jack: 3.5mm
• Cable length: 2.1m ± 0.15m
• Maximum power input: 40mW

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