Vertux Drago Precision Tracking Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Computer Gaming Mouse • 3200/2400/1600/1200dpi • 7 Rainbow LED Lights • Stellar Tracking Performance


Specially Designed for Gamers:
Designed and developed with the professional gaming environment in mind, Vertux offers an enhanced gaming experience that gives the player an advantage over everyone else. 

Comfortable and Ergonomic Design:
With frosted and skin-friendly surface, it’s anti-fingerprint, non-slip and sweat resistant for comfortable gripping, and it’s also ergonomically designed for better fitting your hand to eliminate gaming fatigue.

High-Performance Optical Sensor:
Built for competitive gamers, Drago lets you play with consistent accuracy and high precision movement. 

Multi-Surface Precision Tracking:
With the high-end optical sensor, you can use this mouse on multiple surfaces.

4 Adjustable DPI:
Cycle through four different DPI settings comfortably, ranging from 1200, 1600, 2600 and 3200. Each setting has its own LED colour at the bottom of the mouse to indicate what DPI setting you are currently on.

Gaming Optimized Reliable Switches:
Designed to be used aggressively by serious gamers, the new Drago mouse delivers a highly satisfying mouse switch that captures each click accurately with a lifetime of up to 3 million clicks. 

Fantastic RGB Backlit for Extreme Gaming Experience:
Add some flare to your gaming environment when using Drago with the built-in RGB lighting effects that cycle through different bright LED colours, and enjoy flashy gaming set up with no performance compromise.

6 Unique Programmable Buttons:
With 6 different programmable buttons, you can set up several functions and shortcuts for more functionality and ease of use. Not only does it add convenience to everyday applications, but it also provides a highly competitive edge ahead of everyone else.

Extremely Lightweight and Durable:
Enjoy a reliable gaming experience with an instant response every time you click with the extended life of 3 million clicks.

Instant Plug and Play Compatibility:
The mouse is fully capable of all of its features right away with support on all Windows and Mac operating systems. Just plugin and enjoy a comfortable gaming experience with very accurate surface tracking.



• Rating: 5V, 100mA
• Sensor Resolution: 1200-1600-2400-3200DPI
• Cable Length: 1.5m

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