Lenovo FC101 Car Style Air Cleaning Disinfector

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Lenovo Car Style Air - Cleaning Disinfector

  • Destroys germs & viruses.

  • Purifies the air.

  • Powerful odor remover.

  • Compact size and convenient to use with USB cable.

  • The disinfectant is toxic-free, safety and reliable.

  • With free 6pcs Effervescent Tablet

Box Dimensions: 

11CM X 8.5CM X 15.5CM

What's In the Box:

 1 x disinfector, 1 x car cigarette charger, 1 x micro usb cable, 1 x cotton filter, 1 box x 6 pcs effervescent tablets, 1 x manual



Input Power


Atomization Volume


Water Tank Capacity



ABS/ PP/ Electronic components


Diameter 80mm; Hight 148mm




Additional Guide on Operating the Air Disinfector FC101 and FC202

Warranty: 3 months

For defects - Outright Replacement (customer to provide formal RMA report with pics/videos) use RMA Report Link

 Reminders for usage:

1. Disinfectors are recommended not to be used continuously beyond 6 hours and or;

2. Disinfectors should not be left unattended and or;

3. Never let the disinfector continuously operate when the solution dries up as this will burn up the diffuser module;

4.  Only use the recommended solution as indicated on the user manual (Effervescent tablet + water);

5.  Never directly dissolve the effervescent tablet in water using the disinfector container. Always use a separate container to mix the solution;

5.  Do not use essential oils or other type of scented oils as these will corrode the diffuser module

 How to Mix the Chlorine Dioxide Solution only for use with FC101 and FC202

  1. Dissolve 1 Effervescent tablet in a 400-500ml of water in a separate container/bottle;

2. Make sure the tablet is well dissolved then pour this solution into the Disinfector Container

Customer Reviews

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Jaycie Dela Cruz
Best Car Air Disinfector

Good steal. A must have nowadays. Item was shipped immediately and it is well pacedand secured. Original lenovo product! Will definitely order again from this store. Very accommodating as well!