Yes, Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaners Come with 1 Year Warranty.....and wait there's more!

In the past several weeks, there has been a deluge of robot vacuum cleaners in the market, ranging from as low as 2,500 to as high as 30,000 pesos.

But what differentiates one from the other?  Will you get the same performance when you buy a 2,500 cleaner versus if you spring for a 30,000 pesos model?

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are a step into the world of Smart Home products!  Anything that you can connect to your phone thru wireless connection is a smart home product!  Not only do they make your life easier especially if you are a work from home mom or a work from home dad, they really do clean your house!

But keep in mind, whether you spend 2,500 or 30,000 pesos - these are investments.  And investments should have returns over a long period of time.  You can't expect to get ROI if your cleaner breaks down and the only thing you can ever do is throw it away or sell it for scraps! 

So thank the stars World-Renowned technology Brand Lenovo has their own line of Robot Vacuum Cleaners.  Currently, the brand has the following models that you can choose from:  The E1-L, the T1s and the T1s Pro and every single model in the line up comes with a 1 year Manufacturer's warranty!  

To help sweeten the deal further - when you purchase a Lenovo Robot Vacuum Cleaner from, you get FREE 1 Round of Ship in/Ship Back when you claim warranty! 


PROMO PERIOD:  APRIL 1, 2021 to JUNE 30, 2021

MECHANICS:  Each purchase comes with FREE 1 Round SHIP-IN/SHIP-BACK when you need to claim warranty.  No need to go to our service center.  Don't forget to scan the QR code on our product listing and fill in your details.

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